#1 WordPress Support, Maintenance and Outsourcing Solution

A complete solution for WordPress maintenance and support. Affordable maintenance plans, with priority support, and a “Pay per Task” service

Our WordPress Maintenance Plan and Retainers are ideal for the small to medium sized business owner that needs professional WordPress support.

Our setup support services are great for individuals and businesses with WordPress websites. We can install or setup a specific theme or plugin, migrate your website to a new hosting company, fix your hacked website, and assist with any other WordPress-related issues you might have.


Maintenance Plan

Peace of mind that your WordPress website is looked after by a professional, wth expert support available when needed.


Pay Per Task

Ideal for small WordPress requests. Affordable, yet professional assistance with your WordPress website.



Complete solution for maintenance, as well as time towards content updates, or adding new functionality to your website.

Priority Support for WooCommerce site owners

It’s vital to have expert support available for your WooCommerce website. If your website goes offline, you might be loosing out on business. That’s why we have developed a priority support service specifically for WooCommerce website owners.

  • Professional Support from a Developer
  • After hours and Emergency Support
  • Website downtime monitor
  • Regular backups, updates and security checks
  • Assistance with SSL certificate setup

Affordable Pricing, Expert Level Support

Bulk Hours and Services on Retainer

Do you need bulk hours towards development or adding new features to your WordPress website?

We offer bulk hours (5 hours or more, once-off) which can include anything from theme development, creating new page templates or adding extra functionality to your WordPress. We also offer services on a retainer basis (10+ hours per month). Contact us to discuss your requirements and to request a quotation.