Emergency WordPress Support

Have you ever needed that extra bit of WordPress support late in the evening or on a weekend? Then our emergency WordPress support service is the ideal solution. Our developers and friendly support team are on standby to assist you after hours.

Fast and Reliable

Emergency Support for your WordPress website

At times you need that extra bit of WordPress support after hours. That is why we have developers and content managers available that can assist with on-demand, or after hours WordPress content, support or development. Our team can work late in the evenings, or even on a weekend, to ensure your deadlines are met, and that your site is functioning as best possible.

Perhaps your WordPress website has gone offline after a plugin update or some other change and you need to urgently have it fixed? Our developers can offer assistance to debug plugins or themes, or even issues with your hosting, to ensure your website is back online again as soon as possible.

Do you have a client deadline that you’re sure you’re not going to make? Then contact us! The WordPress Emergency Support service is the ideal solution to your problems. No more late nights worrying about tight deadlines – we assist you so that you stay on track, and online!

Request Emergency Support Now!

Do you need ongoing support for your WordPress website?

Our WordPress maintenance plans are suited for individuals and small to medium sized businesses looking for a maintenance and support solution for their WordPress websites. We have standard maintenance plans, or we can create a custom plan specific to your requirements. Having a maintenance plan will add huge benefits to your business.



Is this service included in a maintenance plan?

Yes, emergency support forms part of all our maintenance plans. We offer peace of mind when it comes to managing your WordPress website.

Are you able to assist with emergency work on a weekend?

Yes, this service is available on a weekend. We have developers and content managers on stand-by to assist with emergency support.

What other services do you offer?

We offer a variety of WordPress-related services, ranging from support to content uploads, as well as WordPress development and training.

Key Benefits

Expert assistance provided by professional support staff

We take care of your WordPress problems, quickly and efficiently

Your website is back online as quickly as possible

Client Feedback

Wow, this is an awesome service. All my worries are taken care of.  I can definitely recommend, very professional!
Happy Client

Bulk Hours and Services on Retainer

Do you need bulk hours towards development or adding new features to your WordPress website?

We offer bulk hours (5 hours or more, once-off) which can include anything from theme development, creating new page templates or adding extra functionality to your WordPress. We also offer services on a retainer basis (10+ hours per month). Contact us to discuss your requirements and to request a quotation.