WordPress Support Retainers

If you need WordPress support on a regular basis, then our WordPress support retainers are the perfect solution. We offer a premium WordPress support and development service, with quick turnaround time when required.

Expert WordPress Support

Priority support for WordPress retainer clients.

We offer an expert level support service on retainer. Having a retainer for your business means that you’ll always have professional support to fall back on. At times when our clients need support, we prioritise their requests, so that work is done quickly and efficiently.

Retainers normally start at around 10 hours per month. This service offers an affordable solution for your WordPress website. We constantly monitor your website and ensure that fixes are made when necessary. WordPress, plugins and themes are updated on a regular basis, and we also take regular offline backups that are stored in a secure location. This way we can guarantee a site restore should your website go offline or in the event your website is hacked.

Of course, it’s not only support that’s included in your retainer. If you have any requests such as content uploads or adding new plugins and functionality, we allow for a few hours each month to be allocated toward these type of requests.

Enquire about our WordPress Support Retainers

Do you need ongoing support for your WordPress website?

Our WordPress maintenance plans are suited for individuals and small to medium sized businesses looking for a maintenance and support solution for their WordPress websites. We have standard maintenance plans, or we can create a custom plan specific to your requirements. Having a maintenance plan will add huge benefits to your business.



What level of support can I expect on retainer?

We prioritise our retainer clien’ts request, and you can expect requests to be completed the next day. In most cases, if it’s a smaller request, we are able to attend the same day.

What if I need more than 10 hours per month?

If you need more than the standard hours for a retainer, we can definitely assist. Most of our clients have retainers between 10 and 40 hours per month. We offer the same level of support, regardless of the amount of hours.

Do you offer WordPress maintenance plans?

Yes. We understand that retainers are not for everyone, that’s why we have standard WordPress maintenance plans that include updates, backups, site monitoring, and security.

Key Benefits

We’ve always got your back. Premium support available when needed

36-Hour guaranteed site restore if website goes offline or hacked

Regular backups and site monitoring

Additional hours for development, installing plugins and adding new features

Client Feedback

Wow, this is an awesome service. All my worries are taken care of.  I can definitely recommend, very professional!
Happy Client

Bulk Hours and Services on Retainer

Do you need bulk hours towards development or adding new features to your WordPress website?

We offer bulk hours (5 hours or more, once-off) which can include anything from theme development, creating new page templates or adding extra functionality to your WordPress. We also offer services on a retainer basis (10+ hours per month). Contact us to discuss your requirements and to request a quotation.