Fix a Hacked WordPress website, WordPress Security

Has your WordPress website been hacked? Or are you concerned about the security of your website? We have many years of experience fixing hacked websites, and making sure it’s secure and safe to browse.

Malware Removal and Security

Secure WordPress for a safe browsing experience

Having a secure WordPress website is important, not only because your website should be safe for users to browse, but also because an insecure or hacked website may damage your reputation.

Very often we are approached by website owners whos WordPress sites have been infected with malware. In some cases, a hosting company will completely remove a website if infected files are found during a scan. This normally causes loads of issues, and you could potentially lose business if your site has been compromised.

If you are unaware of a hack, or you simply don’t apply any effort into fixing, your website could also be blacklisted. This means that it will show warnings to users who find your website on search engines.

Our years of experience with securing WordPress websites gives us the upper hand when it comes to securing your WordPress website. We make sure that every aspect of the site’s security is analyzed and fix any loop-holes that might be present.

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Do you need ongoing support for your WordPress website?

Our WordPress maintenance plans are suited for individuals and small to medium sized businesses looking for a maintenance and support solution for their WordPress websites. We have standard maintenance plans, or we can create a custom plan specific to your requirements. Having a maintenance plan will add huge benefits to your business.



Can you fix and secure my hacked website?

Yes, we have done this for many clients. In most cases we are able to repair and secure your website even if you don’t have a backup.

How much does this service cost?

We would need to do an assessment of your website in order to provide a quotation for securing the website. Because each site is unique and uses a different setup, it’s not always possible to provide a standard rate.

Is this service included in a plan?

Yes, the WordPress security and malware removal is included in all our maintenance plans. Contact us to discuss your requirements.

Key Benefits

We fix your website, and restore credibility and trust

Our maintenance plans include security, so you do not need to worry about your website being hacked

In the unlikely event that your website is hacked, you have expert support available to fix your website

Client Feedback

Wow, this is an awesome service. All my worries are taken care of.  I can definitely recommend, very professional!
Happy Client

Bulk Hours and Services on Retainer

Do you need bulk hours towards development or adding new features to your WordPress website?

We offer bulk hours (5 hours or more, once-off) which can include anything from theme development, creating new page templates or adding extra functionality to your WordPress. We also offer services on a retainer basis (10+ hours per month). Contact us to discuss your requirements and to request a quotation.